MaxPlay has announced the closed beta test for its cloud-based collaborative game development engine. The San Francisco company says its platform modernizes the process of making games by enabling people in remote locations to work on the same part of a game with cloud-based assets in real-time.

The move is the latest in the game engine wars for the hearts and minds of game developers. MaxPlay competes with rivals such as Epic Games, Unity Technologies, and Amazon’s Lumberyard.

MaxPlay is now accepting closed beta sign-up applications for its Game Development Suite (GDS). Selected closed-beta candidates will be given access this fall.

“We are hyper-focused on delivering the game development solution that satisfies the needs of innovative developers,” said MaxPlay CEO Sinjin Bain, in a statement. “We are looking for creative pioneers to help us change the way interactive content is made.”

Bain will be a speaker at our upcoming GamesBeat 2016 conference in Los Angeles on Aug. 1-3. He’ll be on a panel entitled “Crafting the perfect game platform.”

MaxPlay’s GDS is a game development software-as-a-service solution that the company says radically improves workflows and software performance through major advancements in cloud and multi-core computing. For the first time, developers located anywhere can use the cloud to build projects together in real-time. MaxPlay’s MaxCore is a scalable, data parallel computing architecture combined with a new rendering system.

Bain said that with MaxCore, developers achieve radically higher frame rates and unprecedented content scaling, enabling the creation of more immersive experiences.

“I am confident that the power of our MaxCore technology will blow developers away when they get their hands on our beta,” said Bain. “We can’t wait to have pioneering game creators and innovators put it through its paces and to see what they come up with.”