Apple is making a lot of money from Pokémon Go, but its chief executive officer isn’t quite sure what the hell the game is called.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, thinks Pokémon is called PokéMan. During a conference call with investors as part of the company’s quarterly report, the executive spoke glowingly about developer Niantic’s Google Maps-powered monster-catching game. He also explained that the game is an example of how augmented reality — a technology that combines digital images with the real physical world — can change the way people interact with their phones.

Of course, while Cook gave this explanation to investors and analysts, he repeatedly referred to the game as PokéMan. Over the next two years, some analysts think Apple could generate $3 billion in revenues from Niantic’s free-to-play app. But with Pokémon Go dominating the download and grossing charts on iPhone, Apple is going to make that money whether Cook says the name right or not.

Have a listen to Cook’s thoughts about AR and the PokéMan: