Dungeons & Dragons is amid its biggest resurgence since the height of its popularity in the 1980s. It’s already offered a way for players to leave the real tabletop for the virtual world with Fantasy Grounds last year — and now fans have a new way to play the role-playing game with their friends without needing a real table.

How the Owl Bear looks inside Roll20.

Above: How the Owl Bear looks inside Roll20.

Image Credit: Jason Wilson/GamesBeat

Roll20 announced today that it’s offering Wizard of the Coast’s beloved RPG (as the tabletop gaming site En World reported) as one of the products in its gaming-over-the-internet community. Roll20’s approach differs from Fantasy Grounds in that you can play inside your browser, not inside a client. The first adventure, the Lost Mines of Phandelver, is available now for $20 (this is the module that came with the Starter Set in 2014).

You can also preorder D&D‘s next story arc, Storm King’s Thunder, for $50.

“We’re excited to begin our official relationship with Roll20,” D&D spokesperson Greg Tito said in an email with GamesBeat. “Dungeons & Dragons believes giving players more choice is a good thing, and we’re pleased to add Roll20 to the roster of virtual tabletops in which you can get official D&D material, joining our partners at Fantasy Grounds. We’ve been aware of the popularity of Roll20 for a long time, and it’s cool they are committed to getting more material available on the platform, including the next D&D storyline, Storm King’s Thunder, when it comes out next month.”

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According to En World, an online publication that covers tabletop gaming, Roll20 has 1.6 million users and that 46 percent of them play D&D.