Now you don’t have to just dance … you can sing as well.

Publisher Ubisoft announced Just Sing today. This karaoke game launches September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it comes with more than 40 songs from artists like Meghan Trainor, Queen, and One Direction. This rhythm game will track your vocal stylings and give you a rating, and it can even turn your performance into a music video using your smartphone. Just Sing joins Just Dance and Rocksmith in Ubisoft’s lineup of rhythm games in the $99.6 billion worldwide gaming industry.

Last month, Ubisoft revealed Just Dance 2017 was its first game headed to the new Nintendo NX hardware. The Just Dance series is one of the French publisher’s most reliable annual releases, and the company generates a significant portion of its revenues from the casual audience the franchise attracts.

Just Sing is unlike more traditional karaoke and music games for consoles in that it does not come with a USB microphone. Instead, players will connect their smartphones to the game using an app, and then they can hold it out in front of them like they are taking a selfie. In this mode, the camera will broadcast both the audio and video of the player’s performance into the game and — if they choose — online for others to see.

Putting this kind of emphasis on the player’s performance fits into the way many people already engage with modern pop music. Video site YouTube is brimming with clips of people singing covers of songs into their phones. Ubisoft is turning that into a party game that everyone can take turns participating in.

Now, please ignore me while I warm up the ol’ pipes. I’m gonna belt the hell outta some Danzig … wait, no Danzig? This is bull!