This is going to be a good week for Kirby fans.

Nintendo revealed a list of games that will become available on the Wii U and 3DS digital stores this week, with most of the entries starring the pink ball of puff and suck. The Kirby series has sold over 34 million copies since the release of its first game, Kirby’s Dream Land, for the Game Boy in the U.S. on August 1, 1992. These digital offerings are helping to celebrate Kirby’s upcoming birthday.

Kirby might not immediately come to mind as one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises. It doesn’t have the cultural impact or sales power of Mario, Zelda, or Pokémon. Still, the series has been a reliable one for Nintendo. Kirby has 25 games and also starred in his own cartoon.

The digital releases include a free demo for Kirby: Planet Robobot, the newest entry for the franchise. The full version came out for the 3DS on June 10. The 3DS also gets Kirby’s Dream Course, a Super Nintendo game that a mixes Kirby’s copying abilities with golf.

Wii U players can download Kirby’s Epic Yarn, a 2D platformer for the original Wii. It features creative graphics inspired by arts and crafts objects. Epic Yarn originally came out in 2010. The Wii U also gets Kirby Mass Attack, which has players using a touchscreen to control a group of Kirbys. It originally came out for the for DS in 2011.