Sony keeps making PlayStation 4s, and you keep buying them.

The latest Sony gaming console has surpassed 43.5 million sold into the retail chain — this does not indicate units purchased by consumers. PS4 is the top-selling console in the $99.6 billion gaming industry, and that led to record profits for the company’s game and network services division during the three-month period ending June 30.

In May, Sony confirmed that it had sold through 40 million consoles to consumers. That was less than two months after Sony had reached the 40 million units shipped, so you can expect the consumer sales to reach the 43.5 million number in the near future.

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Sony also confirmed that it still expects to sell 20 million PlayStation 4s through the end of its 2016 fiscal year. So far, it has sold 3.5 million, which means it is expecting to ship 16.5 million more before March 30. With the gift-giving holidays yet to come, that is likely still achievable.

On top of the fall season, Sony is also going to launch the PlayStation VR headset. That could lead to a renewed interest in the platform and an uptick in sales among consumers who are curious about this new technology.

Finally, Sony is working on a more powerful PlayStation codenamed Neo. This device will play 4K movies, and it could potentially launch before the end of fiscal 2016. That would not only get some current PS4 owners to double dip, it would also give Sony a higher-priced option to put on store shelves that could increase the average sale price of the PS4.