The business of making a chatbot is fascinating to me. We’re in that early period when a new bot could emerge that captures the imagination of the public and becomes the A.I. version of WhatsApp. The platforms and A.I. engines are all in place, so it’s really a matter of making a chatbot that is capable of doing something helpful enough and impressive enough that people will want to use it everyday, rather than just as a curiosity for a few hours.

To provide some guidance, Roger Chen from Genacast Ventures wrote about the current state of the game. He says anyone making a new chatbot — those who want to actually turn their bot into a business that generates revenue — need to ask four critical questions.

It’s an excellent guide because it asks you to think about what kind of value proposition you are offering, who you are competing against, and how you will be able to scale to become a bigger business. If you can get through all of the questions with a solid response, you might be onto something.

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