Don’t break Blizzard’s games, or risk the consequences.

To kick off its Summer Games event, which celebrates the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Blizzard introduced a buggy soccer game called Lucio Ball. This mode pits two teams of three players against one another in a match of footie where everyone takes on the role of the rollerblading Lucio — unless you exploit a glitch that brings in other characters. The publisher has said that it is working on a fix for this problem, but — in the meantime — it is thinking about ways to punish players who use it to purposefully sabotage the experience for others.

“Apologies for this bug. We’ve attempted to fix it numerous times and have had unrelated issues preventing the fix,” Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan wrote on the Overwatch forums. “We hope to have a fix this week. In the meantime, we are in discussions with our Customer Support group to start taking action against those deliberately using the bug to play heroes other than Lucio.”

Lucio Ball is just a temporary event. It will end later this month, but Blizzard still doesn’t want players ruining it for one another. When someone brings in a Tracer or Bastion, it upsets the balance of the match. This soccer mode is meant to have each Lucio setting each other up and trying to anticipate where the ball is heading without the use of projectile weapons. Lucio doesn’t even have his gun and can only punch. That’s not the case for the glitched-in characters.

So if you’re thinking about deliberately messing around with other characters in Lucio Ball, consider this your heads up.

“Please do not exploit this bug,” wrote Kaplan. “Fair warning.”