You think omnichannel and you think mobile — for good reason. It’s where customers most often expect companies to find them. Join Dollar Shave Club’s VP of Media & Acquisition as he breaks down how they use mobile to strengthen customer experience and conversion across all channels.

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“Omnichannel is a big buzzword that gets used very loosely among marketers — and it’s more than your paid media,” says Brian Kim,VP of Media and Acquisition at Dollar Shave Club which was recently acquired by Unilever for a reported $1 billion. “For us, it’s about understanding the customer journey and being able to connect the dots between all of our advertising and our site experience.”

That means the ultimate goal is driving users from the channels where they encounter the brand to the Dollar Shave Club website, and their focus is on giving their consumer a consistent and ownable experience from advertising through to destination.

The very nature of their omnichannel approach means that no one channel will solve all marketing needs, but that said, Kim says that mobile has become the dominant force among their digital channels.

“Mobile has been a boon for the business, especially when you consider where the consumer is,” he notes.

To add to their three million-strong subscriber base, Kim says, mass media has taken a chunk of the advertising pie, but he and his team have found that Facebook is their stand-by staple when comes to its user acquisition efforts.

Analytic insights that show how well consumers understand or how familiar they may be with the Dollar Shave Club brand, is essential to their messaging strategy. They’re continually testing new media outlets, Kim says, but he believes that some of a marketer’s biggest strategic omnichannel success will come from interacting with your colleagues across the industry.

“Make best use of fellow marketers in your network,” Kim urges, explaining that a portion of their mass media strategy was guided by brands that had already gone through the fire. “Create opportunities to have knowledge share discussions with non-competing brands with similar objectives.”

“It’ll save you a whole lot of money,” he adds, “and you’ll learn a lot too.”

Kim is joined by VentureBeat’s analyst Stewart Rogers who will share essential research insights in the omnichannel universe, as well as Brian Monahan, Former CMO and CEO/Founder NewCo, and Paul Mander, Director Solutions Consulting for mParticle. Together they’ll dive into the challenge of connecting with consumers in a multi-device, multi-channel world.

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In this VB Live event you’ll learn:

  • How to think about mobile apps versus the web, and the role of mobile in the wider customer journey
  • How omnichannel marketers integrate user preferences and profile information across multiple sources
  • Mobile strategies that work in an omnichannel environment (hint: it’s more than in-app messaging and email)
  • Techniques for leveraging user knowledge to personalize messages across channels


  • Brian Kim, VP of Media & Acquisition, Dollar Shave Club
  • Brian Monahan, Former CMO, CEO/Founder NewCo
  • Paul Mander, Director Solutions Consulting, mParticle
  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
  • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

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