Pokémon Go is having more server troubles.

Players of the Google GPS-powered monster-catching game are reporting a number of errors when they boot up the game. Most people are getting maps completely devoid of monsters, PokéStops, and gyms. This essentially turns Pokémon Go into a useless Google Maps alternative. While the game is the top-grossing app on iOS and Android with more than $200 million in revenues in its first month, developer Niantic has struggled to with bugs and connectivity issues.

Fans of the game have taken to social media and forums to complain about the latest troubles. GamesBeat has asked Niantic for a comment about the problem, and we’ll update this post with any new information.

This is unlike earlier errors that prevented players from even loading into the game. Some players are reporting that the error only happens when they are connected to mobile data because connecting to Wi-Fi fixes the issue. Others suggest resetting your smartphone could temporarily fix the game.