TabTale crossed a big milestone as it announced today that its kids games and apps have crossed 1 billion downloads on Google Play and iOS.

The Tel Aviv-based mobile game developer and publisher has more than 40 million monthly active users regularly downloading and returning to engage in TabTale’s offerings.

TabTale makes free-to-play casual family apps for young children. It has more than 350 games and apps across a variety of genres, making it one of the industry’s largest mobile developers.

Much of the company’s catalog is based around original intellectual property, and it also complies with laws restricting access for children when it comes to online games.

“This milestone is an incredible new benchmark for our company,” says Sagi Schliesser, cofounder and CEO, TabTale, in a statement. “TabTale’s philosophy centers on the family experience, which we strive to be a part of on a global scale for kids and parents everywhere. Reaching 1 billion downloads is a huge affirmation of our overall mission, as well as the tremendous reputation we’ve worked so hard to cultivate with our target audiences over the years; it’s a true testament to the loyalty of our users.”

TabTale prides itself on being one of the few remaining successful independent game development studios in the world. The company said its ability to remain self-sustaining while experiencing simultaneous organic growth has helped to facilitate a studio acquisition and expansion strategy resulting in an international presence within seven different countries.

TabTale’s umbrella also includes Crazy Labs, aimed at users 13 years and older, as well as Sunstorm and Coco Play, which have helped the company further penetrate the U.S. and Chinese markets respectively with offerings catered specifically to those demographics.

Sagi Schliesser, CEO of kids gaming app publisher TabTale

Sagi Schliesser, CEO of kids gaming app publisher TabTale