Well, dang, it finally happened. Singer, songwriter, and rapper Frank Ocean has just released new music, within a 45-minute video that is, for the moment, only available on the Apple Music streaming service.

The new album was supposed to be released on August 5, but that day came and went, and fans of the musician, many of whom are accustomed to waiting long periods for new work, had no choice but to wait some more. But they don’t need to wait any longer.

They just need to be Apple Music subscribers in order to listen to and watch the new album, which is entitled “Endless.”

A free trial for the service is available for three months, after which users must pay $9.99 per month. (For families of up to six people it costs $14.99 per month, and for students it’s $4.99 per month.)

Exclusive music and video seems to be the bait Apple is using to lure people to its service, which has more than 15 million paying subscribers. Apple is producing original TV content and has previously secured exclusive releases from music artists, including Taylor Swift. Frank Ocean is the latest content win for the company.

He last released an album, “Channel Orange,” in 2012.

Update on August 20: Frank Ocean has released an additional music video, “Nikes.”

And more generally, the full album entitled “Blonde,” which features “Nikes,” is now available to listen to.

Again, these releases are exclusive to Apple Music.