After decades of inspired “art cars” flocking to Burning Man, perhaps the only way to top them was to drag an entire 747 jet to the annual desert gathering.

Which is what the Big Imagination Foundation has just done.

Over the past two years, the nonprofit has been transforming a Boeing 747 in the Mojave Desert into a mobile art installation. The details of what’s actually inside are still a little bit vague. But, really, who cares?

According to the project’s website:

Artistically, the 747 represents our journey through life towards one’s future. Where is it that you want to go? How do you want to make a difference? These are the questions we want people to ponder…When in action, there will be daily talks featuring global thought leaders in our First Class lounge. Climb upstairs to see an incredible view across the Playa. And at night we’ll have special musical performances. Our 48,000 pound aircraft tug will pull the plane across the Playa day and night.

At at estimated cost of $240,000, the crews have been hard at work in the Mojave, aided by a Kickstarter campaign. When it comes to Burning Man, it’s often beside the point to ask: Why? But in case you are wondering:

“We’re doing this to show you that no dream is out of reach,” says Ken Feldman of Big Imagination in the Kickstarter video.

For all the labor and materials, however, the costliest part of the project was transporting the thing. Traveling north on Highway 14 in Nevada, the team was escorted by the state’s highway patrol until they finally arrived at Burning Man this week.

And arrive they did: