We’re getting a little higher in our journey through the magical tower of Karazhan.

Blizzard has released the second wing of its One Night in Karazhan Adventure for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard’s hit digital card game. You’re now fighting the bosses in The Opera, which you’ll have to defeat if we want to earn new cards. Don’t worry! Our guide will help you destroy those dastardly thespians.

Note that these strategies only cover the normal versions of each fight. The Heroic battles are much harder and typically require custom-built decks.

Kill Romulo!

Above: Kill Romulo!

Image Credit: GamesBeat


Hero power: Forbidden love (If you don’t have Romulo, summon him for 4 mana.)

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Juliane starts with Romulo on her board, a 4/2 minion. While Romulo is alive, Juliane is invulnerable. The good news is that Juliane only has 15 health. To win, you need to kill Romulo and then attack Juliane. She’ll be able to bring Romulo back with her Hero power, but it costs her 4 mana.

Play a deck with cards that can quickly kill Romulo. Use spells like the Warrior’s Slam or charge minions like the Bluegill Warrior. You can also use some combos to quickly kill Juliane in a single turn. Use spells like the Warlock’s Power Overwhelming to buff a minion so he can deal a lot of damage.

It’s also helpful to kill the first Romulo quickly. His 4 damage every turn can add up, and Juliane won’t be able to summon him again for a while if you kill him on your first turn.

Deathrattles are your friend.

Above: Deathrattles are your friend.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Big Bad Wolf

Passive hero power: Trembling (Enemy minions are 1/1 and cost 1 mana.)

His Hero power makes all of your minions weak, but it also makes them cheap. Take advantage by playing cards with strong deathrattle effects, like the legendaries Sylvanas Windrunner and Cairne Bloodhoof. Include a N’zoth, the Corrupter (which will also cost 1 mana), and you can even summon those minions back with their actual health and attack stats, unaffected by Big Bad Wolf’s Trembling power. You also use minions with strong effects like Ragnaros the Firelord to deal a lot of damage.

Big Bad Wolf only has 20 health, so you could even take him down by making a weapon-heavy deck. A Shaman one with Doomhammer and a couple Rockbiter Weapon spells could do a lot damage if you have some healing to help keep you alive.

Protect Dorothee.

Above: Protect Dorothee.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

The Crone

Hero power: Twister (Deal 100 damage for 0 mana. Can’t be used if Dorothee is alive.)

You start the game with a 0/10 Dorothee on your board. If she dies, The Crone can use her free Hero power to immediately kill you during her next turn. However, every minion to the left of Dorothee has charge, while ones on the right have taunt.

Place cards with high health on the right so that they get that taunt effect and protect Dorothee. Put minions with high attack on the left so that they have charge and can attack The Crone’s face or destroy her minions. If a minion already has the taunt ability, put it on the left so that it also gains charge. You can also use cards like Shattered Sun Cleric to give Dorothee more health and even some attack power (or buffing spells like the Paladin’s Blessing of Kings), which will let her join in the fight against The Crone’s face. You might also want some healing effects in your deck to help keep Dorothee around (or you can use the Priest’s Hero power). You can dell with almost any deck (I used Warrior) if you’re smart about your board placement.