Bastion is just the cutest, sweetest robot death-machine.

Blizzard has released the latest animated short for its team-based shooter, Overwatch. The developer first showed off the video in front of a crowd at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. It stars Bastion, the bipedal robot that can turn into a turret and tank. Overwatch came out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in May, and it already has over 15 million players.

Blizzard has used to shorts to expand on Overwatch’s world and story. Since this online shooter is a multiplayer game, Blizzard shows little of the narrative as you play. Videos like this give players a chance to learn more about the characters.

Specifically, this short shows how Bastion went from a machine of war to a free, nature-loving spirit. It gives new insight into a character that can tear other heroes apart with its rapid-fire turret. Bastion has sometimes been a controversial character, since new players do grow frustrated when it targets them thanks to the bot’s high damage output. However, many quickly learn to adjust by targeting the slow Bastion with characters that can deal large amounts of damage from afar, like the rocket-shooting Pharah.

We also recently got a look at Overwatch’s next map, the castle town Eichenwalde. It will also bring a new, Legendary skin available for the tank Reinhardt. The map will become live in September.