If you’re looking for a way to crack into competitive gaming, this could be your chance. We just hope you’ve been practiving your hadoukens.

Red Bull announced today that it is running three online events for the fighting game Street Fighter V. Called Online Proving Grounds, the winners of each will get a free trip to Seattle for the Capcom Pro Tour in November, where they will get to compete in the 512-person Street Fighter V tournament. That event could be draw a huge audience as esports continue to grow. In fact, research firm SuperData expects the esports market to reach $1.23 billion by 2019.

The online events take place on August 29 and August 30, September 26 and September 27, and October 24 and October 25. You can register for them here.

Street Fighter V came out in February. While some complained about its lack of story-based features (which Capcom later added), the fighter is becoming popular on the competitive scene. Red Rull’s Proving Grounds give fans a chance to compete at a professional level. Along with the online tournaments, Red Bull has also run local events as a part of the promotion.