It’s time for the mashups.

Developer ASMB Games has mixed Mario into No Man’s Sky to create No Mario’s Sky. This is a 2D, sidescrolling exploration game that has Nintendo’s plumber collecting coins, stomping on enemies, and flying to other planets. Like developer Hello Games’ space-exploration game No Man’s Sky, No Mario’s Sky uses procedural generation to build its endless content. This means you’ll find infinite planets populated by a thousand variations of goombas. And also like No Man’s Sky, you won’t find much else to do beyond jumping from planet to planet.

The game is available now for free on You can play it on Windows, Linux, or Mac, since it runs on the Unity game engine. I tried it out, and you can see my spacefaring goomba-squashing adventures below:

No Mario’s Sky is part of Ludum Dare 36. That’s the most recent installment in a long-running game jam where people come together to think up, design, and build a game in just 72 hours.

As part of this jam, developers built more than 1,900 games. You can find them all right here.