Indie developer Vagabond Dog is promoting its next game, Sometimes Always Monsters, by doing something usually reserved for musicians or authors: going on a bus tour.

Our managing editor, Jason Wilson, is joining them today in their unconventional ride, and he’s streaming his experience live on Facebook. You can watch it here.

Sometimes Always Monsters is a sequel to Always Sometimes Monsters, a narrative-focused role-playing game set in the real world and about more grounded problems than fighting wizards and monsters. In Sometimes Always Monsters, you’ve come out of the last game writing a best-seller and securing your love — now your promoting your book on a bus tour.

“You are the author of a widely debated hit,” Vagabond Dog details on its website. “Recently married, pressure to provide for your household mounts. Seeking the inspiration to write a sequel, you join a cross-country bus tour of like-minded scribes.”

So, that’s where this whole bus tour idea comes from. We have a case of life imitating art.