Last call for potions … or whatever the hell Warcraft characters drink at a night club. You don’t have to go home, but your one night in Karazhan is almost over — and you can’t stay here.

Blizzard has unleashed the last episode in the Karazhan adventure for its Hearthstone card battler. This introduces another round of boss battles as well as several important cards to help your deck stay competitive in head-to-head play. You can buy this latest wing right now for $7 or in a bundle with the other three wings for $20. For Blizzard, this kind of content helps it keep players engaged and spending money, and regular updates like this have turned Hearthstone into the top digital card game in the world with around $20 million in revenue each month.

Hearthstone’s quarterly revenue was up 20 percent leading up to the new expansion

Karazhan is a fantasy nightclub where a number of Azeroth’s creatures gather to get down and to get funky. “Free your mind, and your ass will follow” is an idea that holds true for wizards, elves, and goblins.

As part of this add-on, Blizzard is bringing in dozens of new cards. This will mix up gameplay going forward, and it should force most players to take another look at their decks if they want a chance of a winning record on the ranked ladder.