It’s time to save Medivh.

The fourth and final wing for Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan’s adventure is now live. You’ll earn new cards by beating the bosses in The Spire, and we’re here to make sure that their special abilities and tricks don’t catch you off guard.

Note that these strategies only cover the normal versions of each fight. The Heroic battles are much harder and typically require custom-built decks.

So much spell damage.

Above: So much spell damage.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Shade of Aran

Passive hero power: Ley lines (both players have +3 spell damage).

Both players have +3 spell damage during the entire fight. Many of Aran’s spells focus on destroying minions, so you’ll want to make a deck that mostly relies on spells of your own (probably Mage, since that class has a lot of spells that can quickly do a bunch of damage). Focus on attacking Aran’s face. Thanks to that spell damage bonus, even weaker abilities like Arcane Missiles can become potent attacks.

I also recommend running Ice Block. Aran can quickly nuke away your health, and using this Secret will help you survive. For an extra chance to survive, I put Reno Jackson in my deck. I had to only include one of every card to make him work, but it was worth it to have that full heal. Counterspell is another useful secret, since Aran will play a lot of spells himself.

Aran has his own Secret, Flame Wreath, that deal 5 damage to all of your characters if one of your minions attack his face. It’s another good reason to focus on spells.

Block those beams!

Above: Block those beams!

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Hero power: Nether rage (give your hero +3 attack this turn for 2 mana).

You start this fight with a Red Portal and Blue Portal on your board. Each card shoots a ray that covers half of the field. The red beam gives a minion Windfury, while the blue one makes a minion only take one damage at a time. The beams end once they hit a minion, so you’ll want to carefully plan your positioning. If one of your minions isn’t soaking up that benefit, then Netherspite can steal it. If no minions stop them, the beams will apply to Netherspite himself, allowing him to attack twice or preventing him from taking more than one damage per attack.

Since you’ll want to keep as many minions on the board as possible, it’s good to play sticky ones that are hard to kill or summon other minions after they die, like Kindly Grandmother. You’ll also want to make sure that your deck has plenty of cheap minions in general, since having enough on the board to control those beams is important.

Thanks, staff!

Above: Thanks, staff!

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Free Medivh!

This fight actually includes a couple of encounters that you’ll play with the same deck. For reasons that’ll become clear later, try to include some powerful spells in whatever you play. And don’t go crazy on weapons.

Pow. Right to the face.

Above: Pow. Right to the face.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Nazra Wildaxe

Hero power: The Horde (summon a 3/2 Orc for 2 mana).

Nazra starts with 15 health. She’s a Warrior, so expect to see her use cards and weapons from that class. She only has 15 health, so you should be able to kill her quickly. Her 3/2 Orcs can become annoying. But, you’ll probably best off if you just ignore them and deal damage straight her face.

Medivh's a bro.

Above: Medivh’s a bro.

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Prince Malchazaar

Hero power: Legion (summon a 6/6 Infernal for 2 mana).

At the start of this battle, he’ll start with 8 mana and use Twisting Nether, which destroys any of the minions you had on your board from the previous fight. Medivh also gives you Aetish, a 1/3 weapon that can summon a random minion of the same cost of any spell you cast. This also removes 1 durability. This effect is likely more powerful than being able to attack for one damage, so save the durability for the summoning. This is also why I told you not to include too many weapons in your deck, since you don’t want to replace Aetish.

Those 6/6 Infernals can become a big problem. I used a Mage with a lot of freezing effects just so I could keep them from overwhelming me.  Plus Mage has a lot of powerful, expensive spells like Flamestrike and Pyroblast that work with great with Aeitish. I actually did great with the same spell-heavy Mage deck I used for Aran. Use Aetish wisely, keep those Infernals from stacking up with removal spells like Polymorph and freeze effects, and you’ll be fine.