VR can look forward to a new set of games hitting the market.

Razer’s Open Source Virtual Reality consortium is releasing 15 new games as part of the OSVR Fund that helps developers create and distribute games for VR headsets. The games will roll into the OSVR market, and they support any headset that is compatible with the consortium’s standards. That includes Razer’s own HDK and HDK2 head-mounted displays. This group of games includes RC Soccer VR, PolyRunner, and more.

Razer is the primary backer of the OSVR Fund, which has $5 million to help studios produce games and get them running on open VR equipment. This is only the start of the Fund’s work. It is combing through scores of submissions beyond this first 15 for release later this year.

“The large number of submissions for our OSVR Developer Fund is a great indicator of how important an open ecosystem is to VR developers,” Razer’s OSVR lead Christopher Mitchell said in a statement. “We look forward to even more incredible innovations inspired by the early-stage success we are fostering now.”