Xbox Live is going to make it easier to find new friends.

Microsoft announced today that new features will enter testing soon for Preview members on Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10. Specifically, Clubs and Looking for Group will help Xbox fans find others to play with and create social circles. New features like these can help Microsoft differentiate itself from its main competitor, Sony and its PlayStation 4, and this could help it sell more systems — the PS4 has a huge sales lead on the Xbox One. The Preview program allows select players to try features before their final release.

“As gamers ourselves, we know how important the playing environment is to enjoying the games you play,” Microsoft noted in a press release. “We want to give you access to more people to play with as well as choice in how you play.”

Clubs are groups that Xbox Live members can join or create, usually focused around a specific topic. For instance, you can find or create a group dedicated to the Halo series or one designed for fathers over 35 years old that like strategy games (OK, that’s a bit specific, but you can do it). Clubs can be private or hidden. People in the same Club can communicate with each other via voice or text messages.

Looking for Group (LFG) allows Xbox Live members to search for or create listings for specific game sessions. You could post that you’re looking for someone to play Halo 5: Guardian’s co-op campaign with, or you could search for a group to run some Destiny raids with.