EA Sports just unleashed the demo for its upcoming FIFA 17 soccer sim, but you may have trouble getting it for your PlayStation 4.

PlayStation Network is having troubles this morning as many gamers are encountering errors with the PSN Store. On social media, affected customers are noting that they are getting maintenance messages and other glitches. This is preventing gamers from downloading new releases.

Sony has confirmed the problems on its status website.

“You may have some difficulty accessing features and products on the PlayStation Store,” reads a recent update from Sony. “Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience.”

It is likely that the huge number of FIFA fans around the world are overwhelming the PSN Store’s servers in an effort to get a taste of what EA has in store for soccer lovers.

PSN is having a rough end to its summer. The service has experienced four distinct outages since August 26. The downtime has primarily kept people from enjoying online multiplayer or logging into their PSN accounts. With the latter problem, PS4 owners are often unable to boot up any of their apps or primarily single-player games.

This deluge of outages comes after several months of strong performance for Sony’s gaming network. After going offline for a week during the 2014 holidays, PSN had intermittent issues throughout 2015. In 2016, however, PSN has had almost no issues until this last month.

We’ve asked Sony for more information on what is causing its recent network problems. Last month, Sony revealed that it would raise the price of its premium PSN service PlayStation Plus from $50 to $60 annually. It did not reveal any improvements or feature additions alongside that hike, and that has upset some gamers.

Update at 3:30 p.m. Pacific on September 13: PSN is working normally now.