Jeff Vogel’s Spiderweb Software has been making role-playing games since 1994, and the epic fantasy tale he’s been telling since 2011 is ready to wrap up.

Today, Spiderweb released Avadon 3: The Warborn, the finale to this award-winning RPG series on PC and Mac. It will come later to iOS and Android. In this finale, you are a Hand of Avadon, the Black Fortress. Vogel’s style of turn-based games focus on story and decisions over visuals and flash, and this one features a number of different endings.

Spiderweb is an indie success story. Vogel has now released 23 games, and they’ve all sold well. He’s been writing these games by himself, mostly from the basement of his home. He talked with GamesBeat about his career in 2015.

“You are a warrior and spy, judge and executioner, with nearly unlimited power to fight the enemies of your homeland. Your word is Law,” a release said. “But your lands have been invaded. Your borders have been overrun by barbarians, monsters, and powerful armies. Cities are burning, and your people are desperate for help. Your mad commander has discovered a path to ending the war, but the plan will need every scrap of your power and resourcefulness to succeed.”

You can download the demo here.