Nexon has released This Game Studio‘s Oz: Broken Kingdom, a mobile role-playing game based on the world of the Wizard of Oz.

This take on Oz has high-end graphics on mobile devices — a feature that earned it a coveted spot onstage at Apple’s iPhone 7 debut last week. It takes players back to a reimagined Land of Oz, one where the Great Darkness has brought corruption.

It’s a free download on iOS and Android. Oz: Broken Kingdom includes a strategic turn-based combat system, character customization and evolution, and over 100 abilities. Players take on the roles of the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion, and new heroine Ophelia Shen as they travel across the dangerous land of Oz to places like the Munchkin countryside and Glinda’s Castle in the story mode. Players can also fight other players in real time in the Arena of Oz.

“In Oz: Broken Kingdom, we’ve not only reinterpreted the land of Oz but expanded its lore,” said Scott Blackwood, founder and head of product at This Game Studio, in a statement. “Players will explore a new take on Oz, one brought to life with stunning detail and brimming with fierce enemies at every turn.”

Oz: Broken Kingdom has lots of colorful high-end graphics.

Above: Oz: Broken Kingdom has lots of colorful high-end graphics.

Image Credit: Nexon

Hordes of fiendish foes, nightmarish minions and beastly bosses will attempt to stop the four heroes on their quest to cast back the darkness and solve the thrilling mysteries of a corrupted Oz.

“The experienced team at This Game Studio realized a tremendous opportunity when they took this globally relevant brand and reimagined it in a way that would resonate with today’s mobile gamer audience,” said general manager Lawrence Koh said in a statement. “We knew when we first saw the game in early development that it was going to exceed player expectations on everything from graphics, fresh content, and most importantly, fun gameplay.”