Wargaming’s WG Labs division has announced it will release Hybrid Wars on Steam and GOG on September 29.

From the Extreme Developers studio, this top-down shooter has realistic 3D grapihcs and a futuristic modern war setting. Its graphics look spectacular, with a overhead view of the action on the ground. While other games shoot for massive battles, this one looks like you can get a closer view of the action. The explosions are plentiful and colorful, and the weapons and tanks sport a number of details. You would expect no less from Wargaming, the maker of World of Tanks.

Hybrid Wars has some modern features like large world maps and changing mechs on the fly. It has eight locations, three types of mercenaries, 150 objectives, and multiple game modes.

The action takes place in 2060, when the world is on the cusp of a technological revolution. Players step into the shoes of three original characters: Alex Carter (Standard Edition), Ivan (credited to WGN users with the Standard and Deluxe Editions) and Jason Wood (exclusive to Deluxe Edition owners).

Alex Carter is a highly acclaimed military specialist outfitted with a personal medical drone capable of saving a soldier’s life in the field. Ivan is a former mercenary and master of mechs, who has a personal defense drone capable of restoring force fields and supporting soldiers in combat. Jason Wood is a renowned cybernetically enhanced supersoldier with a support drone by his side that can grab resources and transport cargo in combat. Each of Hybrid Wars’ heroes offers you new ways to capture bases, utilize dozens of upgrades, and use eclectic weapons in a flash, to swing the battle in your favor.

In multiplayer co-op, up to four players can unite and connect at any time and on any map. At release, Hybrid Wars will be available in a Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition, priced at $18 and $20, respectively.

Established in 2004, Extreme Developers is a Russian game development studio that creates projects for console, PC and mobile platforms. WG Labs is a division within Wargaming that acts as a breeding ground for new ideas and solutions.

Correction, 3 p.m. Pacific, September 16: Hybrid Wars is a top-down shooter, not a real-time strategy. We’ve corrected the story and regret the error. 

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