It’s early afternoon, right after lunch, a time when people in civilized nations are taking siestas. You, however, are at your desk, your head snapping forward as you do your very best to stay awake. But instead of breaking your nose on the space bar, what if a happiness agent delivered you a cup of hot coffee, prepared just the way you like it?

The five most popular bots on Botlist this past week address this life challenge and more. Here are their descriptions, as they appear on Botlist. Drumroll, please:


Above: Evabot


A Slack bot to help you send appreciation coffee gifts. Recipient gets to choose their own coffee. Real coffee is delivered by our happiness agent along with some chocolates and hand-written card.

Available on Slack


Fashion Brobot

Above: Fashion Brobot

2. Fashion Brobot

Ask me everything about what to wear and I’ll do my best to help you. Free for bros.

Available on Messenger bot

Above: bot


I will help you find fun things to do around your location. Ask me for suggestions on restaurants, bars, cafes, concerts, sports events, and I’ll look it up for you.

Available on Messenger


BreakingSports bot

Above: BreakingSports bot

4. BreakingSports

The BreakingSports bot for Messenger provides functionality equivalent to the BreakingSports application, as well as the most advanced conversational interface for querying sports current season statistics.

Users are able to ask questions and receive answers from the BreakingSports bot using the same natural conversational language, as if they were asking a friend the question.

Available on Messenger


American Express Bot

Above: American Express Bot

5. American Express

With the new American Express bot for Messenger, Amex Card Members can receive messages about their purchases and relevant Card benefits, reminders and services.

Available on Messenger

Popularity of the top 5 bots on Botlist is based on web traffic to individual bots’ pages appearing on the site, which currently lists more than 11,000 bots. The bot directory says it receives more than 200 submissions each week and tests their purpose, functionality, content, and overall quality before accepting them. This week’s rankings were for the period September 12-18, 2016.