Canadian mobile studio Roadhouse Interactive has apparently closed down. The developer was making Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, and it employed more than 140 people.

But James Hursthouse, CEO of Vancouver-based Roadhouse, said in a Linkedin update that the company “closed in September 2016,” which coincides with his own departure. If true, it shows further that it’s hard to survive among so many competitors in the $36 billion mobile game industry.

As Vancouver studio, A Thinking Ape, posted a tweet from its offices, where it said it was hosting a “hiring party” for the Roadhouse employees.

We’ve reached out to Roadhouse and Hursthouse for comment. Nodding Frod Interactive, the publisher of Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, said that Roadhouse’s shutdown does not affect the game, whose live operations have been moved in-house at Nodding Frog.