Update: Blizzard has noted on its Twitter account that the attacks are over.

Blizzard can’t shake these cyberattacks.

The developer noted inside its Battle.net game client — which serves as a portal for games like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and Overwatch — that the service is experiencing problems because of another distributed denial-of-service cyberattack (DDoS), which is impairing players’ capability to launch and have stable connections to games. Blizzard also alerted players on Twitter.

This is the fifth DDoS to affect Battle.net in the last couple of weeks. The wave of attacks started shortly after the launch of World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Legion. The group PoodleCorp has taken credit for past attacks.

Blizzard is usually able to resolve the problem within a couple of hours. However, the frequency of these attacks must be a concern for the company.