And the most-shared tweet during tonight’s U.S. presidential debate was … Donald Trump’s 2012 global warming conspiracy theory.

Although there was a viral fake post claiming the original tweet was deleted by the Trump campaign (it wasn’t), Twitter crowned Trump’s climate change conspiracy statement “the top Retweeted Tweet” of the first 2016 debate.

Pressed by Hillary Clinton on the subject during the debate, Trump flatly denied ever making the claim that global warming was created by the Chinese. The tweet is still live and is embedded below.

According to data released by both Facebook and Twitter, mentions of Trump vastly outnumbered mentions of Clinton on the two social networks during the first debate. Twitter says Trump dominated 62 percent of debate-related chatter, while Facebook pins Trump’s share at 79 percent.

With two presidential debates remaining (check out the schedule and how to watch here), who knows what’ll trend next.