Epic Games has announced a new wave of recipients for its Unreal Dev Grants, which gives no-strings-attached funding to people, groups, and developers that work with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 design tools. The developer plans to give out $5 million as part of the program in total. Epic announced the last wave of recipients earlier this month, which received a total of $100,000.

This time, Epic has awarded $50,000 to six developers, programmers, and artists that have helped others learn how to use the game development tool. Recipients include:

  • Mathew Wadstein, a developer who creates Unreal Engine 4 tutorials on his YouTube channel.
  • Muhammad A. Moniem, a programmer who creates free tutorials for Unreal Engine 4 on his website.
  • Jan Kaluza, an independent developer that is creating a platformer with Unreal Engine 4 called Floppy & the Sleepy Planet.
  • Cedric Neukirchen, a student that created the free Sound Visualization Plugin for Unreal Engine 4. He also creates tutorials.
  • VirtusEdu Learning Hub, a YouTube channel with videos on how to build games, including several covering Unreal Engine 4.
  • Fabrice Bourrelly, a 3D artist that has made YouTube tutorials for creating architectural projects in Unreal Engine 4.

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