People love to watching Overwatch.

The streaming site Twitch revealed today during the keynote for its TwitchCon event in San Diego that Overwatch has been the most popular 2016 release on the site, meaning that it has attracted more viewers than any other game released during the year. You can see the other most popular 2016 releases in the image above.

Overwatch’s place at the top isn’t a huge surprise. The team-based shooter for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC launched in May and already has over 15 million players as of August. The interest has led to a fledgling esports scene as well, and Twitch is critical to this, since that’s where most people watch live gaming competitions.

The other games on the list represent a nice range, including online role-playing games like World of Warcraft: Legion, shooters like Destiny: Rise of Iron and The Division, independent games like Stardew Valley, and even a mobile game with Clash Royale.