How do you deliver hyper-relevant, cross-channel customer experiences that boost loyalty, increase average order value, reduce churn, and turn browsers into buyers fast? Programmatic CRM can make it all happen. This VB Live event shows you how to get the right message to the right customer at exactly the right time — every time.

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“Spray and pray” is a phrase that sounds exactly as unpleasant as the actual experience is for consumers. Faced with the challenge of reaching every customer the right way, at the right time, with the right message, at scale, marketers too often flee back into the arms of the less expensive, initially-effective quantity over quality strategy.

The problem is that while non-targeted blanket messaging seems cheap at first blush, and even successful, an endless bombardment of messages becomes white noise your targets are simply turning out, until the day they hit their limit and hit the unsubscribe link.

Context and relevance are the cornerstones of the only truly effective marketing strategy. And they’re obtainable with programmatic technologies that cut the noise — and cut through the noise — to give customers not only what they want, but what they didn’t even realize they needed.

Programmatic technology enables user-centric strategies that marry the terrabytes of data you have from systems of record, systems of intelligence, and systems of action to create hyper-personalized customer relationship marketing that scales in ways previously unmatched. And with programmatic CRM, you’re leaving behind static audience lists, email blasts, cookie-cutter creative, and the limits of channel-centric communication.

What do you gain in return?

An engagement cloud, updated in real time to reflect recipient actions and interests. Real-time decision systems that trigger hyper-relevant messages based on customer engagement. Dynamic creative that can be populated with 1:1 elements based on a customer’s interactions with your brand. And self-optimizing campaigns that react to what’s working, what’s falling behind, and that never leave a customer feeling like they’re being talked at instead of with.

To learn more about how you can turn this latest martech innovation to optimize your message you’re your delivery across all your marketing channels and to all your customers, join our latest VB Live executive event!

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In this VB Live event, you’ll:

  • Target precise messages and optimize user retention across all of your marketing channels
  • Learn how your first-party data, including user behavior, transactions, and your catalog of content/products drives scalable individualized user experiences
  • Prevent or eliminate the potential of fraud.


  • Brian Monahan, co-founder, NewCo, former CMO, Walmart
  • Jeff Pash, Director of CRM, The Muse


  • Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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