Oculus has big plans on how to keep the content rolling out on its virtual reality platform.

Disney is working with Oculus to make film and other material for the Rift and Gear VR head-mounted displays. At the Oculus Connect developer summit in San Jose, California today, the Facebook subsidiary revealed that the partnership will see many of that Disney’s beloved properties make their way into VR. Oculus is one of the first companies staking out the virtual reality market, which analysts believe could generate as much as $50 billion in revenues by 2021. And by teaming up with Oculus, Disney won’t miss out on this new facet in the world of media.

“We are incredibly pleased to announce a collaboration with Walt Disney Studios, one of the most recognizable names in storytelling,” Oculus content producer Yelena Rachitsky said during a presentation at the company’s Connect conference. “We’re going to be working with Disney to create a series of experiences based on their most beloved characters.”

Rachitsky went on to explain that this will set a “higher bar” for content in VR. The two companies did not go into any real detail about what they’re going to release, but you can imagine that will likely look a lot like the animated short VR film Henry from Oculus Story Studio.

That film won a prime-time Emmy award, and it showed the potential for storytelling inside of a headset. Soon, characters like Snow White, Wolverine, and more may capitalize on that potential.