The long-running comic series The Walking Dead is getting yet another game to go with its television spinoffs and a number of active games on iOS and Android.

Disruptor Beam, the studio responsible for the story-driven multiplayer games Star Trek: Timelines and Game of Thrones: Ascent, revealed today that it is making The Walking Dead: March to War for mobile devices. The app will launch in March on the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play market. Like the developer’s other games, March to War will take its license and use it as a platform to tell narratives that connect players with and against one another. Disruptor Beam has built a sustainable business by adapting large properties to its free-to-play social gameplay, and that has helped it stake out a niche in the $36.6 billion mobile gaming industry.

The Walking Dead is an iconic franchise and one with millions of fans around the world,” Disruptor Beam founder and chef executive Jon Radoff said in a statement. “We’ve had success bringing both Star Trek and Game of Thrones to mobile, allowing fans of these franchises to tell their own stories through gameplay and the connections they make with other players. We very much look forward to continuing our work with Skybound Entertainment to create similarly authentic and graphically impressive 3D game that truly brings to life the world fans love in The Walking Dead: March to War.”

In March to War, players must collaborate and compete with one another for control over limited supplies and resources in the wasteland that was once Washington, D.C. You play the leader of a group of survivors, and you will have the opportunity to collect recognizable characters from the comics — like Rick and Negan — to flesh out your team. The larger and more capable your team is, the easier it will be for you to fend off zombie attacks and rebuild society.

“Disruptor Beam’s ability to marry innovative gameplay mechanics with deep storytelling elements based on popular franchises like The Walking Dead is one of the many reasons we’re excited to be working together,” Skybound Interactive president Dan Murray said. “March to War will enable fans to experience similar struggles in an attempt to rebuild civilization as the characters they’ve come to know in The Walking Dead comics.”

Moving into the zombie genre with The Walking Dead should give Disruptor Beam access to a new and massive audience. The comic is regularly the best-selling black-and-white book every month, and the television show on AMC is cable’s highest-rated program. That audience will also get something new from Disruptor Beam, as other games based on the property have largely focused on strategy, action, or role-playing. March to War should take a little bit of all of that for its connected online storytelling action.

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