With 32 days until the 2016 general election, it’s not too late to register to vote. And while Google and startups like VotePlz have already launched programs to encourage people to sign up, Yahoo is also now stepping up to the plate. The company announced today that its search engine will display information about how to get registered, along with news and other pertinent information about this season’s presidential candidates.

In the U.S., there’s perhaps no race so hotly contested as the one for president. Yahoo believes that through its search engine and its news organization, it’ll be able to serve as an important resource in this democratic process. When you search for “how to vote,” “election 2016,” “presidential debate,” “Hillary Clinton,” “Donald Trump,” or similar keywords, you’ll see links to websites and new information “cards.” These cards will feature things like the candidate’s background, fundraising efforts, and stance on issues, plus live videos, poll results, and even pre- and post-debate analysis from Yahoo’s political team of Katie Couric, Matt Bai, and others.

Presidential candidate cards in Yahoo search.

Above: Presidential candidate cards in Yahoo search.

Image Credit: Yahoo

There’s no question that Yahoo is late to game on this one, but the company believes its content is more “digestible” and appealing for users than the current options. And for the 300 million people looking at Yahoo’s web and mobile app each month, Yahoo won’t just display links to news that might spur someone to register, it’ll provide a solution to help them actually complete the process.

If you want to find out more about a particular candidate, the new cards will show you their dossier, as well as links to their stance on issues like immigration, gun control, climate change, healthcare, and more. Additional cards will provide information about related candidates, such as the vice presidential nominees.

With two more debates lined up in the next couple of weeks, Yahoo’s search result will also display debate schedules and links to watch the events live, along with links to the post-debate analysis.

The updated search results will be accessible across Yahoo’s desktop, mobile, and tablet apps.