PlayStation VR is here. GamesBeat is digging into how much we like it, its positives and negatives compared to the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, and are streaming some games. With 40 apps and games at launch, we’ve decided to turn to our partners at UploadVR to give us a hand at diving into the adventures and experiences available on Sony’s first foray into virtual reality.

We’re update this roundup as GamesBeat and Upload review more PSVR apps and games.

Batman: Arkham VR

Now you can say "I'm Batman" and mean it thanks to VR!

Above: Now you can say “I’m Batman” and mean it thanks to VR!

Image Credit: UploadVR

“Batman: Arkham VR isn’t a terrible VR experience — it even manages to deliver a satisfying twist ending to the short narrative — but it’s a far cry from the type of game fans want or expect. What’s here is little more than a tech demo, a museum of objects and features that are never fully realized. Just as each scene feels like it’s coming together, it’s over, and you’re off to the next vignette. Die-hard Batman fans will find enough fan service, but if you’re looking for an actual game featuring the Dark Knight in VR, you’re better off waiting a while longer.” —David Jagneaux, UploadVR


Rebellion's Battlezone brings back memories.

Above: Rebellion’s Battlezone brings back memories.

Image Credit: Rebellion

“Battlezone is one of the brightest shining gems in the PlayStation VR launch lineup. It has a plenty of content, and a satisfying procedural campaign keeps things fresh and interesting. The platform is lacking multiplayer options — especially of the cooperative variety — and Battlezone offers tight controls and immersive gameplay in a clean, attractive package that has easily become one of VR’s best releases.” —David Jagneaux, UploadVR

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PlayStation Worlds

Sharks in VR? Will Sony cover the cost of our dry cleaning bills after we soil our pants in fear?

Above: Sharks in VR? Will Sony cover the cost of our dry cleaning bills after we soil our pants in fear?

Image Credit: UploadVR

“PlayStation VR Worlds feels like a poor attempt at creating a bundled collection that could stand toe-to-toe with fully developed games. The PSVR itself comes with a demo disc that’s frankly better than this collection, but if you’re getting the bigger bundle that includes Worlds already, or really want to check out The London Heist, Dangerball, or Ocean Descent, it’s worth a quick run through. Three of the five games are pretty solid, but it’s hard to recommend as anything other than a nifty bundle purchase.” —David Jagneaux, UploadVR


SuperHyperCube is a fantastic puzzler for PSVR.

Above: SuperHyperCube is a fantastic puzzler for PSVR.

Image Credit: UploadVR

“SuperHyperCube is a game that many will find fun and addictive. It’s simplicity may be its greatest asset or its largest weakness, and being that approachable is what makes a game become a mainstay. You may find yourself flying, dying, and pressing X to try again. After all, that next wall could be your doom, or the benchmark of the furthest you have ever gone, your block and your score growing ever larger. And with games only lasting five minutes or so, you have time for one more try at wall 30, right?” —Kevin Ohannessian, UploadVR


Tumble is puzzler about stacking blocks in VR.

Above: Tumble is puzzler about stacking blocks in VR.

Image Credit: UploadVR

“Some players may not find the physics-based gameplay to be appealing, but you may be surprised to find that one kind of objective suits you. That is the virtue of a game with so much variety in implementing a simple concept. An unexpected kind of play waits with each level. Which one will be the level that stumps you? And which will be a joy to finish and to replay for more medals? Only one way to find out: jump in, smirk at another rye comment from the drone, and start stacking.” —Kevin Ohannessian, UploadVR

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Above: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Image Credit: Sony

“Until Dawn: Rush of Blood delivers on the promise of pulse-pounding scares and has enough context to feel like an adequate follow-up to the excellent original. It may not resemble the franchise’s core values at first glance, but what you’ll find beneath the surface is a game that swaps the sophisticated character development of its predecessor for a sophisticated interpretation of horror genre tropes.” —David Jagneaux, UploadVR

Wayward Sky

Wayward Sky is an adventure game for PSVR -- and it has a chicken!

Above: Wayward Sky is an adventure game for PSVR — and it has a chicken!

Image Credit: Uber Entertainment

“Wayward Sky feels like a competent, but unfulfilling, launch game: It’s fun at times and charming throughout, but it leaves you wanting more. If it had a more eventful story with deeper dialogue, actual fighting with the robots, more variety in the puzzles, and some real challenges, it would be a more satisfying journey. However, a younger or less experienced gamer that is new to VR may enjoy the adventure.” —Kevin Ohannessian, UploadVR