In a 4M+ app marketplace, how do the top publishers continue to elbow their way out of the crowd and keep growing their revenue? Join our latest VB Live event as mobile masters reveal what the biggest guys are doing to stay on top in 2017.

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Smartphone users spend 84 percent of their time inside just five apps, meaning it’s harder and harder to command their attention among this rarified group.

But let’s say you get over that hurdle and you’ve landed a space on a player’s phone and their attention. Now there’s an even bigger challenge: getting users to pay.

There are only four monetization methods: subscription, paid download, in-app purchase, and advertising, and each has its own level of risk and reward, and driving conversion is never guaranteed. In part, that’s because consumers have never quite gotten over the idea that apps, especially games, should be free to use and play.

It’s true that many apps do manage to attract a small cohort of big spenders willing to lay out piles of cash in return for sweet in-app perks, which technically frees you from the complexities involved in securing more high-value users and converting more steady buyers. But relying on whales is a tremendously risky business model. Believing that your app itself, on its own merits and user experience will create the desire, purchase intent, and transaction is just as risky.

So publishers are caught in a balancing act. If you develop an app without strong monetization strategies, including monetization gates or compulsion loops, you’re making no revenue at all. If you’re too heavy-handed with the in-app purchases and monetization tap dances, users bounce off and fall away, never to return, reviews are angry or non existent, and you disappear into the dark and foggy mists of the app store, never to rise from obscurity again.

Or, as Ian Atkinson, vice president of business development at AdColony says, “if you make them too strong, your subreddit reads like one long gripe session.”

So how do you get the right installs from the right users, keep them engaged, get their wallets cracked open and have them sit a spell and stay awhile? To uncover the latest innovations and best of the best practices in mobile marketing, you turn to the top-grossing mobile app developers.

The sixth App Install Marketing survey was designed to do just that. It uncovered insights and benchmarks gleaned from the top of the pile, plus the trends, key KPIs, and install formats the biggest guys are paying the most attention to.

Join our latest VB Live event, where we’ll reveal what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s coming down the pike fast, to help app developers launch their app, get it ranked, and keep acquiring high-quality users at scale.

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In this VB Live event you’ll learn:

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  • What’s new and what’s changing for 2017


Kevin Teng, Senior Director, Performance Advertising, AdColony

David Rose, Director of Performance Marketing, Pocket Gems


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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