Don’t worry, loves, the cosmetics are here!

Blizzard has launched a Halloween event for its team-based shooter, which launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in May. The developer also noted that Overwatch has passed 20 million players, making it one of the game industry’s biggest hits of the year. Since Overwatch is a premium title, not free-to-play, all of those players had to pay for it — $40 for the base game, $60 for the Origins Edition with its extra character skins, and the $130 Collector’s Edition with its soundtrack, statue, and other goodies.

The event adds over 100 new cosmetic items, which players can unlock from in-game loot boxes that they can buy with real money or earn while playing. These include costumes for characters, including a mad scientist getup for the bomb-shooting Junkrat and a witch outfit for the healer Mercy. Players who log into Overwatch get a free Halloween-themed loot box. The event ends November 1.

Blizzard noted that you can buy many of the cosmetics directly with in-game credits,. This follows complaints from fans during the last event, Summer Games, where players could only randomly unlock skins from loot boxes. However, the event costumes cost three times as much as skins of comparative rarity (for example, normal Legendary skin costs 1,000 credits, while a Halloween Legendary is 3,000).

The Halloween festivities also include Overwatch’s first cooperative event, Junkenstein’s Revenge. It has a team of four players fighting against computer-controlled opponents.

You can watch a trailer showing off the new content below: