Valve is hosting its Steam Dev Days events this week as part of its annual effort to educate developers about its Steam PC gaming and Steam VR platforms.

Valve said that developers have published more than 10,000 titles on Steam for Windows, PC, Linux, and Mac over the past 10 years.

Support for VR was introduced just six months ago with the launch of the HTC Vive. Valve said developers have already published over 600 VR experiences via Steam for those using multiple VR systems, including OpenVR.

Complementing the title and revenue growth, the adoption of SteamVR Tracking continues with over 300 licensees planning to incorporate the technology for a variety of uses, including entertainment VR, automotive, televisions, and toys. Many of these products will ship in 2017.

Valve’s two-day event will feature keynotes from third parties and Valve, which will be discussing near-term and long-term expansions to Steam. In addition, new VR peripheral prototypes will be made available for demonstration and design collaboration with attendees.

The press isn’t invited (At least I wasn’t), but the titles of the talks tell a lot. The titles include “healthy publisher relations,” “anti-cheat for multiplayer games,” “Vulkan graphics,” “anticipating fraud/reconciling transactions,” “VR content,” and “the psychology of games.”

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