At its Atlassian Summit conference in San Jose today, publicly traded enterprise software company Atlassian today announced the launch of HipChat Data Center, a tier of service for more advanced enterprise-focused deployments of the HipChat app for group chat, video calling, and screen sharing. The beta begins in November, and customers can pre-register for it now.

Atlassian acquired HipChat in 2012, and in 2014 Atlassian released a beta of HipChat Server that companies can run on their own data center infrastructure. That product launched out of beta in early 2015. Now Atlassian is taking steps to make HipChat even more focused on the needs of businesses.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with the products they depend on every day to support the mission-critical needs of their business,” Cameron Deatsch, head of marketing for the Server line at Atlassian, wrote in a blog post. “With our continued investments in the Data Center product line, you will get the deployment flexibility, authentication, control, high availability, and performance you require for your business.”

HipChat Server can only be deployed on a single node, while the Data Center version works across multiple nodes. HipChat Data Center can be backed up by the database of your choice, enabling companies to decide how backups work, which is not a feature available with HipChat Server, an Atlassian spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email. What’s more, HipChat Data Center is designed for teams that are larger than 5,000 users.

The bigger picture is that in the business of team communication, Atlassian is looking to stand out from the likes of Slack, Microsoft, Salesforce, VMware, and even Facebook.

Also today, Atlassian said that there are now Quick Start guides for deploying Bitbucket Data Center and JIRA Software Data Center on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud’s CloudFormation service.

Australia-based Atlassian went public last year.