A developer has reclaimed the publishing rights to the games it created for Microsoft.

Mobile developer Flashbulb Games has launched Tentacles: Enter the Mind for iOS in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and New Zealand. Flashbulb is actually made from former members of Press Play, a former Microsoft company that created Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

Tentacles: Enter the Mind originally released for Windows and Windows Phones back in 2014. Now, Flashbuld is bringing the app, which is set in the mind of a mad professor, to other mobile platforms. This will give it a better chance to take advantage of the $36.6 billion mobile industry.

“We are super excited to bring our games to the wide audience we think they deserve,” Flashbulb creative director Teglbjærg noted in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “If everything goes well, we will have Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Tentacles: Enter the Mind, and Kalimba out on Android and iOS within the next few months. These titles used to be exclusive to Microsoft platforms, but we are thrilled to say that we have secured the rights to all of them.”

You can watch a trailer for Tentacles below.