After some delay, Tesla is moving forward with its Solar City acquisition.

The two companies announced they will hold back-to-back shareholder meetings on November 17, in hopes that investors will approve the deal.

The next month offers an interesting test for Tesla and Solar City. The companies already have an October 28 event in the works, where Elon Musk plans to unveil a solar roof. In Musk’s words: “It’s not a thing on the roof,” like solar panels. “It is the roof.”

In a blog post today, Tesla says it believes the new product, and its integration with the updated Powerwall home battery system, will “show the kinds of products that the combined company will be able to create.”

Tesla writes that shareholders who owned shares before September 23 can vote on the deal and “will receive mailed instructions on how to do so in the coming days.” The company promises to share “additional financial information relating to its plans for the combined company” on November 1.