I never got Rez. I’ve always heard people talk about it in reverent tones, and I gave it a sincere shot when Rez HD launched on Xbox 360 last generation. But it took PlayStation VR for it to click with me.

Rez Infinite is a launch game for PlayStation VR in which layers lock on to enemies and objects in the world while a musical track thumps in the background. The musical, sci-fi rail shooter is out October 13 for $30, and it also works without Sony’s virtual reality headset. Like with Rez HD, this version brings back the first five Areas that so many people fell in love with in the original release on the Sega Dreamcast console way back in 2001 and 2002. But unlike those previous versions, PSVR puts you inside the technoscapesr. That brings you closer to the action than ever before, and it is truly mesmerizing to feel surrounded by such a dynamic and stylized environment.

But while I finally fell in love with Rez 15 years after its release, it’s not those older levels that I’m most excited about. Developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi and his studio Enhance Games went back to work on this release to introduce an entirely new level called Area X. This successor stage takes the fundamental gameplay of Rez and cranks up both the visuals and the complexity to a modern level.

Area X is a revelation for Rez. It is gorgeous with Unreal Engine-powered particle effects and lighting, and it is also much more interesting with a new control mechanic that removes the rails and enables you to fly wherever you want. The result is the evolution of the Rez saga.

The only problem is that Area X is, cruelly, only one level. It takes around 15 or so minutes to complete, and you’re definitely going to want more when you finish it. Here’s hoping that Mizuguchi and Enhance capitalize on this tease with a full Rez sequel that elaborates on the everything that is new in Infinite.

For now, however, go ahead and watch us play Rez Infinite’s Area X for PlayStation 4:


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