The new Call of Duty doesn’t come out until next month, but you can still play it today … or you could, if the servers were working.

Publisher Activision has launched the beta test for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the latest entry in the long-running shooter franchise, and most players are having trouble finding a live match. The sci-fi shooter launched in its testing phase earlier today, but the game’s matchmaking service has already melted. This means you can’t get into a live game to actually try out Infinite Warfare’s space battles.

Of course, these kinds of breakdowns are why companies like Activision run beta tests, and the good news is that something like this might not happen during the actual launch after this trial period.

I’m going to keep an eye on the servers, and I’ll update this story when everything is working again. In the meantime, you can see what it’s like trying to get in the game with the malfunctioning servers in the video below:

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