Cross-channel analytics gives you the power to see the customer journey from start to finish, seize on trends, and amplify your message where and when and how your users want to hear it. Learn how to defeat complexity and leverage the power of all your metrics in the latest VB Live event.

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It’s the biggest trick of all to pull off: a 360-degree view of all of your marketing channel metrics. Chances are, you’re already juggling at least a handful of channels. And chances are, the only metric you know for certain is that as the number of avenues continues to grow, you’re going to run out of hands. And sooner or later, something’s going to drop — probably your ROI.

So the heat is on. Duke University’s CMO Survey showed that the majority of marketing professionals are experiencing more pressure than ever before to prove the value of their campaigns, from start to finish and across all their channels — quantitatively. And 65 percent said they simply can’t.

When you get it right, it means your campaigns are doing what you said they would, and you’re getting the demonstrable results you predicted, and you’re spending what you want — not just what you have to.

But getting it right is getting harder. To really understand what drives customer conversion, you need to evolve from a channel-by-channel mindset to a cross-channel strategy that takes a holistic view of performance across all of your customer touch points.

To do that, you need to break down your silos and consolidate your view, turning it into a landscape of customer behavior — hundreds of different metrics to weight differently across dozens of channels.

Traditional attribution methods like “last click” and impenetrable data silos can’t touch the increasingly complex task of attributing across channels in a fast-growing marketing wonderland of consumer touch points, both online and off. And for that essential 360-degree view, you need to tackle the problem with the right technology, the right platform, and the right strategies.

Where to start? Join the marketing masters who have gone through the cross-channel fire and come out the other side — slightly scathed, but full of insights — in our latest VB Live event. They’ll talk big data, big ideas, and answer all your hardest analytics questions.

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In this VB Live event, you’ll:

  • Learn how to factor in different contexts across channels.
  • Measure ROI while honoring the platform differences and measures for success
  • Craft a rock solid story to help the C-suite understand the complexity of cross-channel acquisition
  • Leverage your cross-channel data to determine your paid media strategies


  • Michael Healy, CEO, Yeoman Technologies
  • Raj Koneru, CEO, Kore

Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat