Dr. Boom might have been kicked out of Hearthstone’s Standard format, but the powerful Legendary is still terrorizing players.

Blizzard Entertainment has released an infographic sharing stats for the Arena mode of its free-to-play behemoth. Hearthstone has helped create a $1.2 billion market for digital card games by offering a fun, polished experience with appeal to casual and competitive players.

Arena has players selecting a random class out of three choices, and then drafting a deck out of random card options. You then see how many wins you can earn before losing three times, with 12 wins being the max possible. The more you win, the better your rewards. It’s not as popular as the Standard mode, which has players creating decks out of cards they’ve earned or bought, but Arena has plenty of fans, as it takes different skills and understanding of cards to excel in this mode than on the competitive ladder. Blizzard is even using aspects of Arena for a new mode launching soon.

The infographic regards players in the Americas region from the beginning of 2016 to September 1 (you can find similar graphs for other regions here). It shows the most popular cards drafted from each rarity type in the game, and it names the most successful competitors in Arena based on class, winning percentage, and having the most 12-win runs. And for the biggest number, the image reveals that Hearthstone players spent a total of 157,872,547 hours playing Arena during the timeframe.

Check it out below:

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