One of the best games of the year is getting a little better.

Bethesda has released a free update for its first-person shooter Doom, which came out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back in May, that adds new modes for single-player and multiplayer. New content can encourage people who already bought a game to keep playing, while potentially attracting those who haven’t bought it yet. And we think you should check out Doom, as our review praises the shooter for its refreshing, energetic gameplay.

Arcade mode is a faster, streamlined version of the Story campaign. It tasks players with achieving high scores, competing against friends to see who can do the best. It also unlocks all guns and upgrades at the start, while the normal single-player experience has players searching for and unlocking those items.

The update also adds new assets for Doom’s level-creating tool, SnapMap. Now, players can create environments that resemble the original Doom in all its pixelated glory. Meanwhile, the multiplayer part of Doom gets two new modes.

“Possession mixes things up, adding a Prowlers vs. Marine mode that puts a team of marines up against several player-controlled Prowler demons,” Bethesda notes on the YouTube description for a trailer showing off the new content. “The second new mode is Bloodrush, which adds a twist to free-for-all modes by forcing players to manage their Bloodrush meter in order to respawn.”

You can see the new content in action in the trailer below.

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