The wait is almost over.

At 7 a.m. Pacific on October 20, Nintendo will finally unveil its next system, the code-named NX. All we know about now is that it will come out next March, although rumors suggest that it could be a portable/home console hybrid. So this is our last chance to speculate.

Or, really, our last chance to wish.

GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb and community manager Mike Minotti share their last hopes for Nintendo’s next console before Thursday’s big reveal.

It looks like mountains are no obstacle to Link.

Above: We’re climbing to a new generation.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Community manager Mike Minotti’s last NX wishes

Nintendo has rarely disappointed me with its games. Even the Wii U, which might likely go down in history as the company’s weakest home console, has a great library with the likes of Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, and Mario Kart 8. I hope that the NX finally has the hardware features we expect from modern systems.

I want a simple friends list. I want to be able to easily invite a friend to a game. I want to be able to join groups with these friends and talk with them. I can’t stand going through another Nintendo system where I have to use Skype on my phone to chat with the people I’m playing games with.

I also hope that the user interface for this, and everything else in the NX ditches the Wii design philosophy we’ve been stuck with for so long. I’m tired of all that white, and I’m sick of Miis. The Wii U interface is nothing but rows of icons. I want something more eloquent, not a lame Apple copy. I’m ready to see Nintendo do something new.

Mario Maker will eventually grow so advanced that it will become self-aware.

Above: Mario Maker is love.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Reporter Jeffrey Grubb’s last NX wishes

I don’t think this trailer is going to give us all the details that we want, but I think you’re right that this is the last chance to get our big wishes out before we have a solid idea of what this system is. With that in mind, I want to echo your call for a competent online system. I want something that works and makes finding friends and online matches simple.

On top of that, I want Nintendo to bring the fire with the all of those secondary franchises it has left behind. Let’s get Metroid and F-Zero games out at launch alongside something completely original. Also, Super Mario Maker better work on this system. That game was a revelation for Nintendo, and it needs to keep it going with major support throughout the lifecycle of the NX.

More than anything, however, I wish that Nintendo doesn’t go too nuts with its “special sauce.” The Wii was a big hit with its motion controls, but it sorta fell apart after a few years. The Wii U, on the other hand, fell onto its face with its obsolete tablet controller as soon as it launched in 2012. I don’t want Nintendo to attempt to re-create the Wii all over again with another silly gimmick. Just make a solid system that combines the Game Boy and the GameCube, fill it with Nintendo games, and I’m on board.

Although Nintendo said Thursday’s reveal will be a three-minute presentation, we hope that we’ll learn a decent amount of about the NX. It’ll be disappointing if after all this waiting we only get an exact release date and a picture of the console.

But whatever Nintendo is going to reveal, we won’t have to wait long for it now.