I guess Nintendo does listen to me.

Nintendo will reveal the NX on Thursday morning in a special “Preview Trailer,” according to a post on the company’s official Twitter account. At 7 a.m. Pacific time (10 a.m. Eastern), the company will roll out the video. This peek will provide a “glimpse” at the dedicated gaming hardware that some rumors claim will combine Nintendo’s home and handheld consoles into a single package. The publisher’s American Twitter account did not mention where you can find it, but the Japanese Twitter mentioned it is a three-minute video. You can probably expect to see it on social media and YouTube.

Don’t expect a full Nintendo Direct, which are the streaming video shows that the company regularly does to reveal new products. Instead, in a three-minute presentation, you should plan for the publisher to at least tease what makes the NX system special.

This trailer comes a week before Nintendo reports its quarterly financial results, and just five months before the March release date that the company promised for the NX earlier this year.